PC Repair

There’s nothing that can make you more dog-tired and frustrated than a webpage that won’t load or a computer that takes FOREVER to update! Or how about running software that keeps crashing? Let us be your resource for troubleshooting computer related problems and glitches. Need assistance with printers, copiers and other office equipment? Ask us! We can help!

Why send out a laptop or computer to the manufacturer to “look at”,only to wait weeks to get it back and still have issues? Sometimeslocal is better! Stop in and let us take a look at your machine. Wecan give you an honest time frame with affordable estimates onrepairs. We’ll even make recommendations to help your machine runsmoother and more efficiently.

Pricing: Non-refundable $25 fee to determine what needs to be fixed on the computer. Repair fee varies based upon difficulty, parts and labor

We are proud partners with Dell, HP, Sony and Microsoft.